Featherbed of Lies

Featherbed of Lies is a quotation from a Scott McKenzie song called “What’s the Difference?  I look at what a difference it makes to learn, live by and comfort ones self with the featherbed of lies we are taught by our society from the time we are small.  I look at issues that are not often discussed, or in a different perspective.  I hope to show that by believing these lies, people are able to push their harmful agenda and sleep comfortably at night.  They sleep well in the face of injustice, poverty and discrimination.  By pulling these lies out, a feather at a time, I hope to make that featherbed too uncomfortable to sleep well.

Start Believing the Truth About Hillary Clinton, Not the GOP’s Lies

It’s a Lie that Unions Cost us Jobs

Bad Circumstance, Bad Choices, Bad People

“Romance” Novels

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Those People

Death of a Dream

“But he loves me so much he can’t help it”

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What’s the Difference